And so it begins…

There are a plethora of things a girl could preoccupy herself with. It is only a matter of whether or not she will make productive use of her time. Today is the first weekday of study break before final exams. Needless to say, I am not mentally ready to immerse myself back into studying. The so-called “hell week” just finished and I am still in the period of “recuperation.” Hence, the blog entry. This is, or will be, a constructive way of de-stressing, letting off steam, ventilation, however you may call it. I say “constructive” because writing has a dual purpose: it maintains sanity, and it keeps the brain functioning. Perhaps it would be helpful to give you an example: merely on the second day after my last class lecture, I was surprisingly aimless and idle. I did not know what to do nor did I have any logical direction. I thought to myself: “what now?” Then my sister asked me to proofread her Master’s Degree write-up. To my disbelief, I noticed a remarkable difference between her past essays and her write-up. During that 10-month period of being out of school her writing skills had gone awry. Regardless, I finished editing her paper, and promised myself to continue writing with the hopes of improving my skill as well as talking about things that matter.


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